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教牧团队 Pastoral Team


Revd Canon
Ben Wong

Senior Minister

Paul Hughes.png

Revd Paul Hughes 

Associate Minister

Revd. Ivy Wong  
Cantonese and Families Minister

Ben was born in China, Jiang Su. He migrated to Hong Kong when he was very young. Ben studied in Melbourne after high school and returned to Hong Kong where he started his own business.  In 2004 he was called by God to full time ministry. Ben is now the Senior minister for St Timothy’s Bulleen and St Mark’s Templestowe. He is also the Diocesan Chinese Ministry Coordinator and Canon to the Archbishop.

Ben’s main role in the church is to lead the staff and ministry team, and work with our church council on strategic decisions and direction of the church. He is also responsible for teaching and pastoral care for the spiritual growth of the Church members.


Ben出生于中国江苏,年少时随家人移居香港。高中毕业后,来到墨尔本读大学;毕业后回到香港创业。2004年,他回应神的呼召,在墨尔本进行神学装备,之后按立成为牧师。Ben现在任圣提摩太堂Bulleen和圣马可堂 Templestowe的主任牧师,同时兼任墨尔本教区华人事工联络人以及大主教的法政牧师。

After spending many years leading and working in Youth Ministry Paul was ordained as an Anglican priest in 2013. Paul previously gained a degree in Information Technology and worked in that field for ten years at the University of Melbourne, however ministry remained central to his heart and calling.


Paul’s main role is to lead the English language ministry at St Mark’s, Templestowe and to support the youth ministry at both St Mark’s and St Timothy’s. Paul is married to Anna with three daughters and loves to have a kick of the footy and watch the Hawthorn Football Club when he can.




Revd Ivy Wong was ordained as an Anglican priest in 2010, she has experience in different Churches. From 2015 onwards she started to serve in St Timothy’s Bulleen. Her main role is to serve in the Chinese congregation, but she is also involved in Children ministry. She is a registered spiritual director at Wellspring Centre so she is able to help parishioners to discern their situation and help them to face their challenges.

Ivy在2010年被按立为圣公会牧师,曾在多间圣公会教会作牧养工作。在2015年,她在圣提摩太堂Bulleen开始新的服事。她的主要职责是服事华人群体,同时也参与儿童事工。Ivy是Wellspring Centre的注册灵性导师,所以她也能够帮助信徒识别处境及面对挑战。


Connie Gao

Maindarin Lay Minister

Connie grew up, studied and worked in China and moved to Melbourne in 2011, becoming a Christian soon after. In 2017, she left her job to start a Bachelor of Theology at Melbourne School of Theology and is currently a theological student.


Connie joined the ministry team at St. Timothy’s Anglican Church Bulleen in early 2021 as a Lay Minister. She currently serves in the Mandarin congregations at both Bulleen and Templestowe (St. Mark’s).





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