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Reopening News

The following services are restarting this Sunday, 7th November:

  • Sunday 9am English Traditional Holy Communion at St Mark's (English)

  • Sunday 10am Cantonese at St Timothy's

  • Sunday 11am English Contemporary Holy Communion at St Mark's

  • 2pm Mandarin Service at St Mark's

  • 4pm Mandarin Service at St Timothy's

  • 6pm Open service at St Marks (English). The current restrictions allow for an indoor service of up to thirty people who are either not vaccinated, or would prefer not to show evidence of vaccination. So we can welcome all to worship, we will offer a 6pm service at St Mark's until restrictions change. If you can help with this service please email Paul. For all other services, please take note of the instructions below.

When you arrive at the church on Sundays, it would help our welcome team if you come a little bit earlier than usual, and ready with your vaccination certificate. 

There are 3 ways that you can show the welcome team that you are fully vaccinated when you arrive:

  1. showing your covid-19 digital certificate via the Service Victoria app (the QR code check-in app on your phone)

  2. showing your covid-19 digital certificate as saved in your digital wallet on your phone

  3. showing a hard copy of your covid-19 vaccination certificate as downloaded from myGov



  • 9am英文圣餐崇拜,地点:圣马可堂

  • 10am广东话崇拜,地点:圣提摩太堂

  • 11am英文家庭崇拜,地点:圣马可堂

  • 2pm 国语崇拜,地点:圣马可堂

  • 4pm 国语崇拜,地点:圣提摩太堂
    6pm英文实体崇拜将在圣马可堂进行,是开放给没有注射疫苗的人群,直到政府在这方面的禁令完全解除。但由于人数有限,无论是想参与这堂崇拜,还是愿意在崇拜中服事,都请先电邮联系 Paul 牧师。

请各位在周日崇拜前尽量早到教会,并且提前将您的《疫苗接种证书》(Covid-19 digital certificate)预备好,这样会帮助到负责招待的同工更有效率地核查您的疫苗接种情况。
1. 通过“维多利亚服务”应用程序(Service Victoria,也就是进门扫码时用的程序)出示您的疫苗接种证书;
2. 通过出示您已经保存在手机数字钱包中的疫苗接种证书;
3. 通过出示您在“myGov”应用程序中的疫苗接种证书。


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